Safety in Cannabis Delivery

Safety in Cannabis Delivery

If you are nervous about ordering cannabis products through an online delivery service, we understand. And you are not alone. Pelican Delivers is here to ease your mind and reassure you that you are making a safe decision. Pelican Delivers is a trusted cannabis delivery system. We only work with the most reputable dispensaries in the community, and have set major guidelines and restrictions for our drivers.

We contract our drivers and make sure they are trustworthy and reliable.

Discreet Cannabis Delivery

If you are concerned about your neighbors seeing your delivery, don’t be! Our drivers are discreet and look like any other delivery service. We only contract professional individuals who are working to make an income. Our drivers are friendly and deliver what they say when they say they will.

We operate on values and thrive off returning customers. We do everything we can to make sure our customers feel safe, valued, and important. That starts with the dispensary near me we partner with to make sure the products we deliver are of the highest quality and it ends with a comfortable and positive delivery experience.

Reputation Based on Trust and Efficiency

Pelican Delivers has worked hard to establish a solid reputation based on trust and efficiency and we will continue to live up to that standard. We are the best in the industry and intend to stay the best. We make sure our products are delivered in the most time efficient manner possible…chances are, you will get your marijuana payment processing delivery faster than you would a pizza!

So, What Does it Cost?

If you are nervous about spending a ton of extra money in delivery fees, don’t fret. We charge a reasonable delivery free of $5 and then it is $1 per mile from the pickup location to your home. If you are feeling generous, our drivers do accept and appreciate tips for their time.

How Old Do I Have to Be to Use Pelican?

You must be there and show a valid ID when accepting your products. You must be 21 or 18 if you have a valid medical marijuana card. We hold these very serious and DO NOT deliver to minors. We also will not leave your order on your doorstep without seeing your ID. We take every step of safety seriously and follow the rules and guidelines very strictly.

Super Friendly and Helpful Support Staff

If you feel like something went wrong with your order, our support staff is here to help! We provide helpful and friendly support anytime you need and will make sure to resolve any problems as quickly and efficiently as possible. We truly care about the value we bring to the community, and we thrive off making your experience a great one every time you order.

For more information or to speak with someone about the process, contact us today! Otherwise, sign up and start shopping from your local dispensary near me! Once you do it once and see how easy and safe the process is, you will be sold. We make shopping for cannabis related products easier than ever before.