Cannabis Delivery — Changing the Way You Shop for Cannabis

Cannabis Delivery — Changing the Way You Shop for Cannabis

Who doesn’t want cannabis delivery right to their door? I mean…you no longer must make time to drive to the dispensary near me and wait in line to get your cannabis products. Sometimes we simply don’t have time to get out and pick up cannabis flower, even though we really want it.

Pelican Delivers is changing the way people get their cannabis flowers, edibles, vaporizers and more! Let’s face it — we live in a time where convenience is everything. People everywhere are ordering household products and groceries online. People are ordering dinner and drinks from their local restaurants on nights they don’t feel like cooking. Not only does it save time, but it also allows us to take care of the things we need to without having to make an extra trip out to the store.

If you know what cannabis products you want, this is the way to go! At Pelican Delivers, we partner with the top-rated cannabis dispensary near me and will deliver you the best cannabis products out there. We thrive on building relationships with our customers and creating a community of returned happy customers!

Why Should You Get Your Cannabis Delivered?

We all know that smelling cannabis flower is a sacred act. We all know that going into a cannabis dispensary can be a fun experience. But we also know that sometimes it’s just not feasible to go and spend an hour at the local dispensary with marijuana payment processing learning about what’s new and on trend.

If you know what you want, why not add it to your cart and let our drivers bring it to you?

Cannabis delivery is perfect for the following people…

 People who are too busy to break away from work or life and who know what products they want.

 People who want to keep their smoking habits private and don’t want to be seen at the local dispensary.

 People who have medical conditions that keep them from driving.

 People who simply want more freedom and convenience in their life.

No matter what your reason is, we got you!

How Long Will It Take to Get My Cannabis Delivered?

When you place your order, it typically takes about 30-45 minutes to get your order delivered. The exact time will depend on how busy we are and how far you are from the nearest dispensary.

How Much Does It Cost to Get My Cannabis Delivered?

Just like any delivery service, there is a convenience fee that will be determined by the distance in which the delivery driver must travel. The delivery fee is $5 plus $1 per mile.

Ready to Get Your Cannabis Delivered?

If you are ready to give us a whirl and start getting your cannabis delivered right to your door, simply fill out your address and let’s get you started! We partner with the best local dispensaries in your area so you can trust that all the products will be high quality as if you hand selected them yourself.