How to Tell if You Are Purchasing High Quality Cannabis

How to Tell if You Are Purchasing High Quality Cannabis

There is nothing worse than ordering a bad batch of cannabis delivery. But how do you know if the weed you purchased is bad or good? The following are some ways to distinguish high quality cannabis from bad quality cannabis.

1.       Look at the color of the cannabis from your dispensary near me. High quality weed is always green, never brown! Different strains are different shades of green and may contain specs of other colors such as orange and purple. When you are looking at your cannabis flower, think about it like produce. Just like produce, the freshest and highest quality cannabis flower will be vibrant and visually appealing. You should never smoke brown weed. If it is brown, it could mean it has pesticides or mold and it can harm you.

2.       Look at the crystals on the flower. The more crystals there are, the higher the THC content, meaning the higher you will get from it.

3.       Look for tiny orange hairs. If your cannabis flower has a lot of little orange hairs, that is a sign of high-quality weed. The more hairs it has, the more mature the plant is.

4.       How does it smell? There is nothing like smelling quality weed. It’s a sacred act, if you ask me. You can tell if its high quality if it has a super pungent and pleasant aroma. Cannabis flower that emits strong fragrance is referred to as “dank” or “loud,” which means it is high quality. Every strand smells different, so there isn’t a distinct smell you need to look out for, just a strong pungent pleasant smell that is intoxicating when you take it in.

5.       Look for dryness. Cannabis payment processing should not be too dry as it will burn too fast. While you don’t want it super wet, you want it to be moist and a little sticky. When you purchase high quality cannabis it is important to store it in a dry, cool, dark, and airtight container or weed stash box. Do not store it in a plastic baggy for too long as this can dry it out. If possible, try and store your cannabis between 59 percent and 63 percent relative humidity for maximum freshness.

6.       How does it taste? When you take a hit of quality cannabis you can taste it! But you can also taste bad weed. If it doesn’t taste right, chances are it’s not.

7.       Look for cannabis that doesn’t have a ton of stems and has zero seeds. If you get a bag of weed that has a lot of stems or seeds, it’s probably not the best. You want thick fresh flower buds, zero seeds and minimal stems.

When you are purchasing your cannabis from your dispensary near me, there are a few other things to keep in mind to make sure you are getting the best on the market. You want to also look at the company you are purchasing the weed form and make sure it is a reputable company that uses ethical cultivation practices. This means that the farm where the weed is grown is free from synthetic fertilizers, uses living soil and practices sustainable agriculture.

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