Need another Source of Income

Need another Source of Income? Why You Should Become a Cannabis Delivery Driver Today!

Cannabis enthusiasts are happier than ever since cannabis delivery is now a thing! As the cannabis delivery industry gains popularity, the demand for cannabis delivery drivers is on the rise. If you love the industry and have contemplated getting a job within it, becoming a delivery driver may be the right choice for you.

When you become a cannabis driver, you work for a specific weed delivery service, just like uber or Instacart. You simply pick up cannabis orders from the most well-known local dispensary near me and deliver the orders to customers in your community.

It’s a simple and fun way to earn extra income. You choose when you want to work and what orders you want to pick up from your dispensary near me. You work on your time and make the extra income you need.

Some Tips for Weed Delivery Drivers

If you are thinking about becoming a cannabis delivery driver, here are a few things to think about.

1.       You must have a good driving history to ensure you are responsible on the road.  You may not consumer marijuana or edibles while working.

2.       You must know the town and be able to navigate the streets in a timely manner to ensure customers get their products when expected.

3.       You must adhere to the rules and always check ID. You may not sell cannabis to underage persons.

4.       You must be friendly and professional. You don’t need to be chatty Kathy, but you are expected to be friendly and professional when you deliver products, so customers feel safe.

5.       You must be discreet. When you are delivering cannabis products, do not discuss them openly as some customers want to keep their cannabis habits to themselves.

Pros of Cannabis Delivery

There are many pros to becoming a cannabis delivery driver, including:

Make money while driving! It’s an easy gig. You can turn your free time into a money maker by simply driving around and delivering things to people. Easy breezy.

You choose your hours: you can work when you want and as much or little as you want. You are an independent contractor when you work with a cannabis credit card processing delivery service like Pelican Delivers, so you choose when you want to work and make extra money. Busy, no problem! Only accept the jobs you want.

Get paid instantly: with every successful delivery, the funds are transferred instantly. So, you can literally see the money right away. This solves instant problems if you need something to pay you right then and there.

Pelican Delivers pays very competitively. We make sure our drivers feel happy and taken care of so we can keep up with our demands. We ask you to be professional and kind to our customers and we will keep you on board. People are turning to jobs where they can make their own schedules and have more time flexibility. Cannabis delivery driver jobs do just that! You choose when to work and get paid instantly!

More Information about Becoming a Cannabis Delivery Driver?

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